Starting over

I was given plenty of notice.

This is not the first time I’ve been given plenty of notice and still missed a deadline.

Like, by months.

My husband said, “Hey, our web service has gotten too expensive and I’m going to switch us over to a more affordable one.”

He said, “So make sure you save everything you want from your website.”

He said, “Because when I cancel the old service, it’ll be gone.”

He asked, like a dozen times, “Are you ready for me to cancel the old service?”

He did, like, everything right.

For months.

And then one day when I hadn’t thought about my website in ages, he asked again, and I said, “OK. Go ahead.”

A click – and my old website was gone.

All the graphics and all the organization and years of posts were gone.

Time passed.

Because I hadn’t worked on any of it in ages and still didn’t think of a reason to start working on it right then, time passed.

Until one day I realized, “Hey–it’s been a while. I probably should update my website”, and poured some coffee so I could get to work.

You saw it coming–

In that moment, all I had of value was the coffee.

And a blank, new, untouched domain.

This one.

The embarrassment has passed, and now here I am, at last, setting up the new website. 

My experience and publications are still the same, and that’s calming. So the only loss is thousands of words of blog. (Note: We were able to reclaim them from the old provider, but the text is tangled in code. Not a one weekend project to extract it.)

And I picked a fresh, new look for the site.

Which comes to you more affordably than the prior one.